How to identify an authentic Montessori School

Can anyone use the word Montessori in their school’s name? The simple answer is yes, but are they really a Montessori school?

Detailed below are several key qualities that an authentic Montessori school must have:

  • Teachers…all teachers in a true Montessori school must have a Montessori Diploma from an accredited postgraduate school. Montessori teachers are trained facilitators in the classroom, always ready to assist and direct. Their purpose is to stimulate the student’s enthusiasm for learning and to guide them without interfering with their natural desire to teach themselves and become independent. Each child works through their individual cycle of activities, and learns to truly understand the world according to their own unique needs and capabilities.
  • The Montessori Environment…a quality Montessori classroom has a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound. Within such an enriched environment, freedom, responsibility, and social intellectual development spontaneously flourish. Everything in a Montessori classroom has a specific use or purpose. There is nothing in the prepared environment that the students cannot see or touch. all of the furniture and equipment is scaled down to the child’s size and is within easy reach. There are no plastic toys in a true Montessori classroom.


Montessori Casa

Montessori Elementary

Montessori Toddler

Montessori Madness

“Identifying a Proper Montessori School”

Authentic Montessori School Checklist:

  • All teachers are required to have a Montessori Diploma
  • Furniture and Montessori Equipment is size appropriate and well maintained
  • Teaching Apparatus is wood or glass purchased from an approved Montessori Supplier
  • A Responsive, Prepared Environment, Inside and Out
  • On-site natural outdoor environment designed with various settings to explore flora and fauna
  • NO Plastic Toys
  • Progress Documentation, including Student Logs, Report Cards, Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Parent Workshops (Interactive Sessions to inform Parents about Montessori Concepts)
  • Is this a school I feel will provide a great learning environment?