Healthy Nutrition

Full day children will bring their own lunch with them to school. The focus of lunch should be a nutritious, well-balanced meal.  Avoid sugar based sweets and refined carbohydrates.  Please do not send candy.  Nutritional aspects aside, candy in the lunch bag promotes any number of unpleasant situations during a time of day in which we strive for calm.  If you want to send a special treat, children enjoy a picture or a short note.

Any uneaten foods will be sent home in the lunch bag so that you are aware of which foods are eaten and in what quantity.

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Please note that we are tree nut free and fragrance free

Children may purchase a healthy hot lunch prepared on site with fresh whole ingredients accompanied by a glass of milk. Lunch cards are $45.00 for 10 lunches or $5.00 individually.  Simply purchase your lunch card from the office, then when required, sign up for hot lunch on the sign in table.

If you would like more information relative to healthy nutrition, please consult this link to Health Canada