After School Program

Our program focuses on variety, in the form of child-directed, child-centered activities. A great deal of enjoyment and learning takes place during sports, fine arts, games, and field trips that enriches the children’s out-of-school hours.

Exposing children to a variety of activities will ensure that they are well rounded and will build strong community relationships. We teach our children physical education programs including yoga and zumba in our large on-site gymnasium! We have 5 playgrounds and 2 acres of property at our 1535 Ryan Street Centre and one playground with 12 acres of gorgeous natural beauty at our 1530 Ryan Street location. We have many plans for trails and forts at the Ryan Street Centres. We also enjoy visiting the city parks which are close to both locations. All of the above mentioned field trips and new programs are included in the after school fees.

In addition to being a time for developing talents and hobbies, it is a time for children to receive academic support outside of the school day. Our staff will be available to explain homework problems to the children and assist with any difficulties. Our staff members are able to assist with French or English homework.

We pick up at Evergreen, Northrop Frye, and Magnetic Hill at 1:30pm and 2:30pm. Le Sommet busses our children directly to us.

If you require after school care, please register early as entrance to our after school program is not automatic if you attend Kingswood Day School or Montessori School. However, Kingswood children are always given priority entrance.